Summer Popup Yoga Series

Yoga Flow on Espadín LoHi’s Rooftop
50% Off Classes for Guests

A summer rooftop yoga series is available to Espadín LoHi guests (and non-guests) and includes an evening flow class appropriate for all levels. The offering is part of our commitment to providing guests with wellness programming that promotes a happy & healthy stay in Denver. 

GUESTS: Refer to your booking confirmation email OR scan the QR code in your unit to access all discounts & promo codes.

About Our Instructor
Taylor Rose

After spending the last decade cultivating a regular yoga practice, Taylor Rose is passionate about sharing her experience and supporting others on their journey. Taylor Rose hopes to become a catalyst for change by creating a safe and loving space for personal exploration. She believes we are a physical embodiment of the sacred source, and our purpose is to not only witness but to participate in the inexhaustible celebration we call life. By utilizing the power of breath, Taylor Rose strives to help others reach new levels of awareness and appreciation for the magic and mystery of our world, both internally and externally.

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