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Wellness Events & Popups on Espadín LoHi’s Rooftop

A summer & fall rooftop yoga series is available to Espadín LoHi guests (and non-guests) and includes an evening flow class appropriate for all levels. The offering is part of our commitment to providing guests with wellness programming that promotes a happy & healthy stay in Denver.  

An aerial view of the Espadin Lohi Condos in Denver, CO.

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A summer & fall rooftop yoga series is available to Espadín LoHi guests (and non-guests) and includes an evening flow class appropriate for all levels. The offering is part of our commitment to providing guests with wellness programming that promotes a happy & healthy stay in Denver. 

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Our Event Partners


SweatNET is a membership-based community that allows members to attend 4-6 events every month that they host with our local partners. They also incentivize members to help them live a healthier lifestyle while supporting all the local health and wellness businesses Denver offers.

Remember, all Espadín LoHi guests receive $5 off all classes. First 5 guests to sign up get in FREE! 

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Zenver is a trauma informed yoga studio. Our mission at Zenver is to help you achieve your highest self — finding balance in mind, body, and spirit — through yoga, meditation, and holistic mental health services. We offer a variety of sessions, classes, workshops, trainings, and retreats. Zenver’s vision is to realize the full potential of being human, to meet the challenges of the era we live in, and to drive a new era of existence, consciousness, and bliss. 

S/S Collective

Hey Birdie

Hey Birdie is an opportunity for Women who are craving a community to have authentic connections with on the journey towards living a fuller life, together. Join us as we make mistakes, laugh, curse, and take action, together.

Our Yoga Instructors

L.A. Miskovic – Zenver Yoga

L.A.was introduced to yoga in 2011 after tearing her ACL in college soccer. While searching for a low impact method of exercise to aid in healing her body, she started practicing yoga and quickly realized something more profound. Yoga became a way for her to cope mentally when she was dealing with the anxiety & depression associated with loss. After falling in love with her yoga practice, she decided to complete her 200 hr YTT from Cambio Studios in Colorado Springs & 50hr Yin Certification with Kari Kwinn. As a teacher, LA’s commitment to the practice of yoga is rooted in the philosophy of facilitation for all people interested in learning the benefits of yoga no matter their prior experience or goals for their practice. Her goal is to create and hold a safe environment for people to slow down, dive as deep as they want, and reconnect with themselves. When taking one of her classes you can expect to experience light flow, yin postures, chanting, meditations, and beautiful sound therapy with crystal singing bowls. LA’s objective with her classes is for students to feel supported, held, and safe to explore the interplay of emotions and their physical body. She continues her education in reiki, Thai massage, and restorative yoga. Her main goal is to learn as much as she can to help people slow down from everyday life. She is excited to help you grow and learn through this beautiful training.

Kristen Embrey – Founder & Teacher of Mind Over Mat Yoga!

“As a former competitive athlete, now full-time yogi, I offer an attainable balance between fitness and philosophy, movement and mindfulness, ease and effort. My classes flow from a lens of compassion, incorporating mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork into every session. It is my honor to guide individuals into the presence of their bodies and toward the liberation of their minds. Through my experience as a Trauma Informed yoga facilitator, I have learned to strongly encourage my students to take everything I offer as a suggestion and trust their intuition when it comes to knowing their bodies and choosing what feels best for their own unique selves. I am now offering private 1:1, duo, and trio yoga sessions out of Nurture in the Highlands.”

Betsi Ewing – S/S Collective

Betsi Ewing (she/her) is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher and holotropic breathwork practitioner. She dove into all things yoga, health & wellness after spending most of her adult life working and playing too hard in New York City. When she’s not on the mat, she’s likely on a plane traveling for her photography work. Her creative career has taken her all around the world and yoga has helped her stay grounded while living a busy and creative lifestyle. She loves to share this passion with others and truly feels yoga is a moving meditation for the mind, body and soul.

Follow her yoga and photo adventures on Instagram @betsiewing & @anotherwitchywoman. 

Melissa Gasparovic – S/S Collective

Hailing from the NorthEast, Melissa (she/her) found yoga in her 20s; first in NYC as a way to survive cold winters and later again in LA as a way to connect with friends and community. It wasn’t until she embarked on a personal development journey that she realized the broader benefits of a yoga practice and in 2022, earned her 200-hour trauma-informed certification. She genuinely believes that yoga provides a pathway to our internal environment, which gives us an opportunity to connect and build a meaningful relationship with ourselves. That grounded and transformative mindset is what she brings to each and every class. Melissa is also a certified holistic health coach, Reiki II practitioner, plays sound bowls, and is studying tai chi and qi gong. When not breathing deeply, Melissa is in her DUG community garden, exploring nature, painting abstractly, and making salads.

Follow her on Instagram: @melissagasparovic @mgheals

Jamie Lee Nelson – S/S Collective

Jamie Lee Nelson (she/her) moved to Denver, CO from Long Island, New York in 2021. She discovered yoga in Vermont while in college, but in the past few years she genuinely and intentionally honed in on her practice. Jamie realized quickly that her mat is a sacred space, a space where an individual can tap into their own power and embrace opportunity. By connecting our body with our breath, we begin to secure an honorable home inside ourselves. Jamie is a yoga teacher (200hr RYT), space holder, certified holistic health coach and professional kombucha brewer here in Denver, CO. In the outside world, you’ll find Jamie trail/road running, exploring nature, dreaming of the ocean, hangin’ with her two pups, or baking in the kitchen while sipping on a fine cup of coffee.

Follow her on Instagram: @breathewithj

Dre – Founder of Two Moons Collective

“My name is Dre, and I am the founder of Two Moons Collective. Predominantly focusing on New and Full Moon sound bath ceremonies, my collective also encompasses other various healing modalities such as forest bathing, equine therapy, plant medicine sessions, Reiki, and more to come! I created this collective with those in mind that did not have success with talk therapy. Sometimes we have to think outside of the box when it comes to walking the path of healing ourselves, and there is so much out there that can help us find that healing.”

Shanti Rodrigues

Shanti has been flowing in her yoga practice for over a decade. She is on a journey of cultivating cultural humility, nurturing and peace, and inspiration by bridging the mind-body connection. Shanti is leading a bilingual class at Yoga on the Rocks in the Summer of 2023. She deepened her understanding of yoga asana, philosophy, and sutras and became a 200-RYT; her love for yoga then became a devotion. Shanti practices yoga with respect to its origins and advocates for cultural competency and unity by connecting the practice of yoga to all people. Aside from creating community, Shanti is a caregiver, actress, pottery aficionado, vegan cook, and social disruptor. Shanti is excited to journey with her students in harnessing self-awareness, love, and independence in their practice.

Lisa Rundall

Lisa Rundall is an RYT500, YACEP, and a Doctor of Acupuncture, and Chinese Medicine. She is a life long student of the human experience. Our bodies communicate with us all the time. It may be in the form of pain, emotions, breath patterns, hunger or fatigue. Our work is in allowing what is there to be heard. Lisa holds space in her classes for exploration, play, breath and connection. Her classes are known for creative sequencing and thoughtful playlists. It is her mission in both yoga and medicine to provide connected, individual, experiences so that we are a thriving community of people with capacity to create deeply centered and meaningful lives.

Melanie Brochard

Melanie’s classes are filled with breath, heart, warmth, and compassion. She believes in slowing down and savoring each moment and fully feeling into each movement. Melanie views teaching as an offering, as her opportunity to share what she loves and cherishes about the practice of yoga. She believes it is an invitation for awareness in our space physically and in our space internally. Mel typically gets on her mat before each class to feel and experience what is present in her body, believing in the innate wisdom of our bodies to guide our practice. When she is not teaching, Melanie enjoys spending time with her husband, their 2 sons, friends, family and 2 dobermans. Melanie completed her 200 hour YTT in 2014.

Elle Beau
*Classes are available online all year! Guests receive 30% off! 

Elle Beau has been teaching yoga and leading yoga teacher trainings in the Denver area for over six years. Her classes are all levels and alignment-based steeped in the intention to keep students safe. Elle believes that mindful movement met with conscious breath has the ability to be incredibly grounding and deeply healing while helping us manage the stress that sometimes comes with being human.

In Elle’s classes, you will be guided up to a peak experience or posture before soaking up a sweet cool down all to the beat of a carefully curated playlist. 

Josie Schweitzer
*Upcoming Classes TBD

“I teach as a way to give voice to the truth of our experience and existence…”

Teaching a blend of fluid movement, pranayama, kundalini, and meditation classes, Josie artfully crafts each teaching experience with intention and intelligence, providing a cohesive structure for an eye-opening, transformative journey. Present moment awareness is at the heart, a truth that permeates every movement, stillness and breath. Yoga with Josie transcends the concept of a workout.

She is heavily influenced by her dear Teacher Nevine Michhan, the founder and creator of Katonah Yoga ®. Her time spent learning from Nevine and her teachers, continues to be a life changing experience.

Josie is a well rounded and multifaceted yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance, E-RYT 500 Hour Certified, Katonah Yoga® Teacher, Mat Pilates Certified through Equinox) She has created and cultivated her own unique 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings. You can find her Globally leading communal classes, therapeutic one on one sessions, workshops and teacher trainings.

Taylor Rose
*Upcoming Classes TBD

After spending the last decade cultivating a regular yoga practice, Taylor Rose is passionate about sharing her experience and supporting others on their journey. Taylor Rose hopes to become a catalyst for change by creating a safe and loving space for personal exploration. She believes we are a physical embodiment of the sacred source, and our purpose is to not only witness but to participate in the inexhaustible celebration we call life. By utilizing the power of breath, Taylor Rose strives to help others reach new levels of awareness and appreciation for the magic and mystery of our world, both internally and externally.

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