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Denver LoHi Vacation Rentals

Browse our selection of Denver vacation rentals and book your perfectly curated Denver vacation rental experience at Espadín LoHi. Booking your Denver vacation rental directly with Espadín LoHi ensures you get the most affordable rates compared to platforms like Airbnb and VRBO.

Guests of Espadín LoHi have access to various amenities while staying with us. Enjoy rooftop yoga led by our professional yoga instructors during the summer months. Afterward, enjoy a drink and a bite to eat at several of our neighborhood partners, where guests receive exclusive discounts

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Do You Have Short Stay Denver Vacation Rentals?

Of course. Espadín LoHi is a great Denver downtown vacation rental option for short stays. Most of our fully equipped vacation rentals do require a two night stay. Browse available Denver vacation rentals with your dates to see what's available, rates, and to easily book online.

Is Espadín LoHi Close to Denver Attractions?

Espadín is located in the perfect location to take in the Denver experience. From the downtown Aquarium to biking the local trails, Espadín is centrally located in the Denver LoHi district. Known for great eats and lots of fun walking around enjoying the local fare. Check out our Guest Discounts page to see all the perks of staying at Espadín.

Do you have 3 Bedroom Denver Vacation Rentals?

Espadín offers 1,2, and 3 bedroom Denver vacation rentals. We love hosting families to come experience the Denver LoHi area by staying at one of our boutique downtown Denver vacation rentals. Browse our 3 Bedroom Denver Vacation Rentals and easily book directly with us.

How can I get the best rates on my stay at Espadín LoHi?

We encourage all our guests to book directly with us to get the best rates on their vacation stay. Booking directly with us gets you better service and rates, by helping you avoid "Traveler Booking Fees" typically added by big third party booking websites. Booking local supports our community, and saves you on vacation accommodation costs.

Is the Espadín LoHi a hotel?

Espadín is a contemporary boutique hotel in LoHi Denver. All of our 1,2, and 3 bedroom lofts come equipped with the amenities necessary for a happy, healthy, and productive lifestyle, such as: fully stocked, designer-grade kitchens and spacious, impeccably designed, and decorated living spaces, with floor-to-ceiling windows (hellloooo views!) and excellent natural light (big golden hour vibes).